8bitdo Gamecube Adapter- An excellent, third party idea

8bitdo are fast becoming one of the best third party accessory providers for Nintendo Switch. In years gone by, third party controllers were often reserved for when your younger sibling wanted to play a game with you. Or for the last person to turn up to a gaming session. Generally speaking, third party controllers simply weren’t on par with the offerings from Nintendo.


In recent years though, 8bitdo have seriously bucked the trend with their excellent controllers that work with the Nintendo Switch. However, they have also been designed for use with various other platforms, including Windows.


With that in mind, let us now look at the upcoming release of Super Smash Bros Ultimate. Die hard Smash fans know full well that the best way to play any instalment in the franchise is with a Gamecube controller. So much so that every iteration since Melee (apart from the 3DS version) has supported the use of this controller.

It isn’t a secret that Nintendo have decided to re-release this controller for Switch, along with an adapter that plugs into the dock. However, this presents with a bit of a problem; what if you want to play Smash whilst the system isn’t docked? In short, you can’t.

However, 8bitdo have recognised that there is a gap in the market for this and decided to release a wireless adapter, dubbed the GBros. What this does is allows you to connect your Gamecube controller (or classic controller) wirelessly to your Nintendo Switch. As well as that, it’s possible to connect these controllers to your PC meaning that you can use your favourite games.

Whilst we haven’t had a chance to use this adapter yet, we’ve got no doubt that it’ll work flawlessly as with all other 8bitdo products. It is available to pre-order now.


The bigger question is though, why didn’t Nintendo come up with this first? It could be the case that Nintendo want to promote their Smash Ultimate Pro Controller instead as the superior way to play the game with a wireless controller.

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