8bitdo Gamecube GBros Adapter Review

8bitdo have just released their adapter for using various controllers on Nintendo Switch, dubbed the GBros adapter.

It’s actually a really straightforward device. You plug in your GameCube controller (or Classic Controller), into this great little adapter, push a few buttons and hey presto, you’ve now got your controller of choice working on your Switch. Of course, the big selling point for this is that since Nintendo have cancelled all pre-orders for their controller adapter in the UK, it means that people that want to use their GC controller on Smash Ultimate would be left short changed.

After trying it for several hours on a variety of games, it performs flawlessly. The only downside when using it as a ‘Pro Controller’ is that you need to get used to the fact that you can’t use ZL, unless you switch (heh) the mapping around. However, in games such as Mario Kart 8, Super Mario Odyssey and also Super Smash Bros Ultimate, this isn’t an issue. As an added bonus, for those that have a NES or SNES Classic Mini, you can use the controllers for these on your Switch to play the games available in Nintendo Online. Moreover, it’s possible to use the Wii Classic Controller with this adapter. At all times, this was totally lag free.

Windows Support as Standard

Additionally, you can use this as an X-Input device. What this means is that it can be used as a controller that Windows detects natively. Again, this was tested extensively in a variety of games including Project Cars and also Counter Strike Global Offensive with the official GameCube Smash Bros controller. At no point did it feel as though there was any lag present which is particularly important when it comes to online games.

The adapter itself feels weighty and extremely well built, and the buttons on it have a satisfying click to them. As a way of future proofing the adapter, there is a micro USB port on it. This has been included so that the firmware on it can be updated periodically, such as the case if Nintendo decide to push out an update that would prevent Bluetooth adapters such as this from working.

However, this adapter isn’t a way to charge up the device. Instead, it takes two AA batteries. After using this for 14 hours so far, half of the battery life (going on those push gauges you get on the battery) was left. This gauge will full before commencing the test. What’s nice about this is that since it doesn’t need to be recharged, it means that the battery won’t effectively stop working one day which usually happens with rechargeable batteries over time. It would also suggest that the 30 hours of advertised battery life is correct. Given Therefore, a 12 pack of good batteries should last in the region of 180 hours which is pretty bloody long!

It is available now on Amazon.

[amazon box= B07JLF9PVG]



  • Value for Money
  • Build Quality


8bitdo have excelled once again with the Gbros GameCube adapter. It is a great way to use your GameCube controller wirelessly with your Switch (and also PC) and is a worthy competitor for the Nintendo offering.

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