Civilization VI and Owlboy are now available for peanuts on Humble Bundle Monthly

Now that we’re past Christmas and into the slump that it’s a bit expensive to buy nearly everything, it would stand to reason that one of the first things to go is the purchasing of any more games. However, Humble Bundle has released yet another amazing Monthly offering. This month, you’re able to pick up Sid Meir’s Civilization VI, along with two DLC packs for the price of $12.

This is excellent value for money, especially when you factor in the issue that if you had to buy this game separately on Steam with the DLC it would set you back $80.34. Even if you had to buy the standalone game on a CD key website, you’d be looking at spending at least $20. The game itself is fantastic, and follows and builds upon the excellent Civilization franchise and currently holds a rating of 75% on Steam.

That being said, it’s not just Civ VI that you’re getting in the bundle. You’ll also be getting more games later in the month as well as an added bonus. Over the last several months, the MSRP of the games in the bundles (had they been purchased separately) came to $205, $150 and $199 for November, December and January respectively.

The critically acclaimed Owlboy is now also available as part of this bundle. This on it’s own is gonig for $27 on Steam. Before the other games are added you’re getting $107 worth of games for $12! You can’t beat those prices. Owlboy was a game 8 years in the making and the time and effort spent on it was well worth the wait.


The value for money here is truly outstanding and given that you’re getting a wide variety of games for such a low price, there’s going to be at least a few games in the compilation that you’ll be interested in. In each compilation there is a mixture of AAA titles as well as the best up and coming Indie titles Added to this is the fact that by buying the Monthly bundle, you’ll also be helping charities, with part of $12 being donated to one of your choice.  The Civ VI bundle , as well as the other bundles, can be found at this link.

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