Is CNET’s Nintendo Switch video clickbait, or simply fanboyism?

Now for starters, fanboyism might not actually be a word. A journalist over at CNET has taken to their site to show off what an epic fail the Switch is in terms of its kickstand in a video and article. The video itself is so crap that I’m not even going to link to it in this article, although you’re free to search for it via the search engine of your choice.


The journalist in question suggests that he’s knocked it over dozens of times already during the short time that he’s had the Nintendo Switch. Perhaps the reason that it fell over is because he’s a complete berk and is putting way too much pressure on it. He also complains about how the kickstand will completely separate from the Switch if it’s pushed too hard. This is actually a design aspect of it so that it won’t be damaged if it is out when you put it into the dock.

The video is so over the top that it honestly feels as though it’s an eight year old fighting with his friends about which console is better. It genuinely harks back to the days of when Nintendo and Sega had an outright console war. Perhaps the journalist simply doesn’t like the Switch, and that’s fair enough. However calling it a fail is extremely excessive. A console fail would be the dreaded Red Ring of Death that plagued the Xbox 360.

You could argue though that the video is so over the top that it couldn’t be anything else but clickbait. Perhaps CNET are having a tough time of late with the advertising revenue and the only way to bump it up is to jump on the Nintendo hating bandwagon. The sad thing is though is that some people will actually take the words of CNET as gospel and could end up not buying a Nintendo Switch due to the bonkers article and video. Regardless of what the real intention of the article and video is, it’s a sad state of affairs that a once great publication has resulted in putting out crap like this. The Nintendo Switch is available to pre-order from and

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