Darksiders Warmastered on Nintendo Switch is a huge deal

In little under a month, Darksiders Warmastered edition will land on Nintendo Switch. This isn’t the first time that an entry in the Darksiders franchise has appeared on a Nintendo platform, with it previously (along with DS2) being released on Wii U.

It’s a visual upgrade of the original Darksiders which Nintendo owners never got to play.

The thing is though, it’s violent as hell .I’d say much more than Doom and Wolfenstein which were already dishing out the ultra violence left, right and centre.

It’s reassuring that developers are wanting to bring more mature rated games to the Switch. Not only that, but the game is a real looker as well. This too is reassuring since developers are investing the proper time in developing a game that looks and works well on Switch.

Expect a review when the game lands next month.



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