Destiny 2 is Junes Humble Monthly Big Game

Another month is upon us, which means that there’s another Humble Bundle Monthly deal up for grabs.

This month, the early unlock is Destiny 2, which has a normal price of $60.

Given that you’re getting it for $12 is a pretty sweet deal.

It  has received critical acclaim on , so it’s definitely worth checking out for this alone.

Looking back at last month, there was a grand total of $145 worth of games up for grabs, not including the Humble Trove access. Since today is Star Wars Day, this months Humble Trove has access to classic Star Wars games including X Wing vs TIE Fighter. As with other month’s deals, you’re also getting 10% off purchases on the Humble Store which is a nice extra. Likewise, two months ago the total price if you had bought the games direct from Steam would have came to $217.

Like other Humble Monthly bundles, there will be more games released in due course for you to sink your teeth into.

Of course, as with all games bought from Humble Bundle, part of the proceeds from the sales go to charity, so not only are you helping to save money when going for the monthly deal, you’re also helping charities as well.



To get your hands on this excellent deal, you can click here.

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