Deus Ex Mankind Divided, Mafia 3 and God Eater 2 in the Humble Monthly Sale

The latest Humble Monthly sale is quite possibly the best one yet!
Not only is the acclaimed (and also criticised) Mafia 3 up for grabs for the low price of $12, so is it’s expansion pack, Sign of the Times. If you bought this on the Steam store it would cost you $60. Already you’re making a great saving.

Likewise, Deus Ex Mankind Divided is usually on Steam for $28. It’s a phenomenal game, and for such a low price, you couldn’t argue with this. Lastly, God Eater 2 is normally on Steam for $55, and in this bundle you get the first and second God Eater games. All in these three games would set you back $143. The fact that you’re getting the game for less than 10% of this is an amazing deal. Of course, there’s going to be other games unlocked between now and the same time next month.

As mentioned in similar posts, you’re also supporting charities when you’re purchasing this bundle. If you’d like to purchase this and get at least 3 amazing games, you can find the bundle over at this link.

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