The excellent Dark Souls III is the flagship title Humble Bundle Monthly

It’s a new month, so in line with this, there is a new Humble Monthly Bundle. The critically acclaimed Dark Souls III is the flagship game in this months deal. In addition to the standalone game, the highly popular Ashes of Ariandel DLC is also included in the bundle. If you were to buy this separately, it would cost you $74, whereas in the bundle, it’ll only cost you $12. As is the case every month, you’re also getting a lot more than just one AAA game. In last months bundle which had Civ 6 as the flagship title, the highly popular Owlboy was also included in it. In addition to this, the critically acclaimed Snake Pass was also included. Snake Pass on it’s own costs $21. The total value of last months bundle came to $179.91 which, when you consider that it only costs you $12 to buy it, it’s exceptional value for money.


Whilst it hasn’t been confirmed yet what the other games in this month bundle will be, they’re sure to be excellent games, so you’re getting real bang for your buck. You’ve also got the benefit as well that you’re actively helping to support charity. Helping charity whilst playing video games is actually a pretty sweet setup.  To take advantage of this excellent offer, head over to this link.

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