Should GameCube games be available on the VC for Switch’s launch?


With the upcoming release of the Nintendo Switch, it will of course include the release of a brand new set of games for the Virtual Console. One thing that was promised for Wii U (but never actually materialised) was GameCube games appearing on the Virtual Console. Given that the Switch is more than capable of emulating GC games, it’s only a matter of time before they arrive on Switch. Should they, however, be present from day one?


The rush may not be worth it

One of the biggest reasons NOT to have it on launch day is optimisation. By that, I mean that there might still be quirks present that are still being ironed out regarding GC emulation. There’s also the issue of paying a large sum of money for what would ramp out to be a portable GameCube if a lot of games were released on launch day. Of course, there’s going to be a fair number of NES and SNES games. That’s par for the course. However, it would make sense for Nintendo to capitalise on games that really push the Switch to its limits first. After that, then it would be the ideal time to bring in the GC games on the Virtual Console.

There’s also the issue of the internal storage on Switch. Given that only 32Gb is going to be available, downloading a lot of GameCube games off the bat is going to result in users having to purchase large micro SD cards. Or they could stump up the cash for a 200Gb model…

Regardless, it would be wrong to put such a large emphasis on the GameCube games so early on with the Switch. It would make more sense to perhaps launch the service in the summer when there’s generally fewer games being released and it’s allowed people to get acquinted with the games on the Switch. Plus, there’s also the fact that Breath of the Wild will be taking up a lot of players time upon launch day…


Having said that, the launch line up is looking a bit sparse. Perhaps if one or two games were released then it would tide players over. I doubt that Nintendo would release Twilight Princess or Wind Waker again though. It’s not that players wouldn’t want to relive these great games. It’s more to do with the fact the Wii U versions are HD conversions, so taking a step back would seem a bit odd. Further, given that Super Mario Odyssey isn’t being released in the launch window, releasing Super Mario Sunshine could help tide Mario fans over until Odyssey is released later on in the year. One thing is for sure though, it would be terrible if Nintendo waited the same amount of time into Switch’s lifespan to release GameCube games that they did for Nintendo 64 games on Wii U.



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