Get Killing Floor 2 and Homefront for $8 for the next few days


Following on from the runaway success so far of the Civilization VI monthly bundle, Humble Bundle have released another bundle which is available until the 23rd January. For those that enjoy first person shooters, this is ideal for you. Not only do you get the excellent Killing Floor 2, but you’re also getting the original Killing Floor. There’s also the bonus that you’ll be helping charity at the same time, which in this case is Change30.

If you had to buy these three games separately on Steam, they’d set you back $69. There’s a lot of other games included as well, and if you opted to pay for the higher tier of $10, you’d get back $247 worth of games. This is excellent value. When you factor in that Killing Floor 2 has a rating of ‘very positive’ on Steam, you know that you’re getting great value for money.


Of course, if it’s the case that you already have one or two of the games in this bundle, you can always trade your key with a friend, or simply just give it to them. For those that love getting great shooting games for cheap, and don’t fancy using sites like Kinguin or G2A, this Humble Bundle is made for you. You can get access to this bundle by clicking here.

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