The Humble Bundle Ubisoft Sale is Now Live

If you’re a fan of Ubisoft games, Humble Bundle has you covered. Starting today and ending on the 26th February there are a range of games available at a reduced price. The lowest discount is 30% for Rainbow Six Siege Advanced Edition.  The best discount is 75% off of the retail price of Anno 2205 Gold Edition. That’s actually pretty spectacular for such a stellar game.

Also up for grabs is South Park The Stick of Truth which is also 75% off with its sequel, The Fractured But Whole is going for half price. Considering this is still full price over on Steam, if you’re looking to pick this up then the Humble Bundle is the right option.  If you opted for the Gold Edition of The Fractured But Whole, it’s still cheaper on Humble Bundle than the base game is on Steam. Of course, as with other Humble Bundle deals, part of the proceeds goes to charity which is a nice bonus.

One of the best Ubisoft games in recent years; Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon is also ups for grabs at a reduced price. Not only is the game amazing, but it’s completely bonkers, over the top fun. Imagine it as a Schwarzenegger film made into a video game interlaced with a Tron look and you’d be on the right track.


Of course, all of the Splinter Cell games are also available. The only exception to this is the rather excellent Pandora Tomorrow. Its doubtful is this will ever see a release. The reason being that on new hardware, there’s too many graphical glitches on it. Effectively it makes the game unplayable.

All in there are 7 pages worth of games in the Ubisoft sale. Don’t miss your chance to get your hands on these games at a great price. You can find these games over here.

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