Why L.A. Noire on Switch is a sign of great things to come


It’s been announced that Rockstar Games are releasing L.A. Noire again on Xbox One, PS4 and also Nintendo Switch on November 14th. For the latter though, this is actually a pretty big deal. Unlike Sony and Microsoft that have seen a plethora of Rockstar games on their systems, the same can’t be said about Nintendo. Apart from Bully and that table tennis game on Wii and GTA Chinatown Wars on DS (and of course the original GTA on GameBoy Color), there haven’t been any other releases for the wide array of Nintendo consoles.

This is of course changing as mentioned above. L.A. Noire was a huge undertaking and quite a spectacular game and made a welcome change from the GTA mechanics. This release could be seen as a way for Rockstar to assess how well their games are seen by Nintendo fans. There is the wrong perception by many that Nintendo is solely for kids. This is a stigma that’s been floating around for years now.

Having said that, with the Skyrim on Switch, this trend has already started to shift. Presuming Rockstar can get the game running optimally on Switch, this could open the doors for Red Dead Redemption 2 which is currently in development for Xbox One and PS4. Of course, based on the popularity of it, it could also result in the release of GTA 6 on Switch as well. Whilst it might not be the technical powerhouse that the other two platforms are, what it does have on it’s side is portability. Chinatown Wars was an amazing game with the added bonus you could play it on the go. The same is true for Liberty and Vice City Stories on the PSP. It gave GTA fans to play the great franchise on the go.

This can really open up the gates for other developers to bring their more ‘mature’ games to Switch and raise the profile of it even higher. Granted, the power might be an issue but presuming the developers can wrangle every last drop of power out of it, then there’s no reason why they can’t make their games on Switch just as great as on the other platforms. There’s also the unique aspect that Switch can bring to games with motion controls, and also a touch interface. If this is done well, then it helps greatly. Splinter Cell Blacklist on Wii U played a lot better on Wii U than on PS3 or Xbox 360 thanks to the gamepad. It just felt a lot more intuitive. Presuming that the hardware is used properly and not just used as a pointless gimmick then the sky is the limit.



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