Learn how to program for Android courtesy of Humble Bundle

The ease of being able to publish apps on the Google Play Store has opened up a world for would be programmers to allow them to show the world their abilities on Android. However, what if it’s the case that you have an amazing idea, but you’re less than experienced when it comes to Android programming, or programming as a whole?

There are a plethora of books and guides available to help you develop an app that meets the overall goal that you have. Having said that, these books can be pretty expensive. Thankfully though, Humble Bundle currently has a promotion going whereby you can learn how to program on Android (as well as learning to develop apps on other platforms) starting at $1. Given that one of the books alone costs upwards of $10, this is a great deal.

As with other bundles available on HB, a part of the proceeds go to charity, which in this case is Code.org. Code.org are dedicated to improving the tools available to ensure that the next generation of would be developers have the proper training with regards to computer science. So not only will you be able to lean how to program yourself, you’re also investing in the future of developers. This bundle is available over at this link

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