Nintendo are cancelling Gamecube Adapter sales in the UK

As previously posted on my Twitter account, and now being picked by other sites, Nintendo are cancelling pre-orders on their GameCube controller adapters for Nintendo Switch.

I had initially thought that this was an issue with Amazon not being able to secure enough units to meet demand, but now it appears that even those that were bought directly from Nintendo are having this issue.

What is puzzling though is what exactly the issues are which is causing these adapters to be delayed in the UK until May 2019. Whilst I appreciate that Amazon are giving an alternative to this problem, the product information for this cites that you need up to version 4.0 of the firmware. The latest firmware for it is currently 6.1. Does this then mean that the controller adapter will not work with a newer firmware? Also, there doesn’t appear to be any way to upgrade the firmware of this adapter. It may seem trivial, but since Nintendo are going to be losing a lot of custom in the UK due to this issue, they could in theory lock down any adapter that  plugs into the USB ports thereby making a third party option redundant.


So far, the only GameCube controller adapter that has the ability to be upgraded firmware wise is the GBros. This also has the option to use your GameCube controller (and Classic Edition controllers) wirelessly on both the Nintendo Switch and also on your PC. Hopefully this will prove to be the best option for gamers in the UK that have been left feeling a bit short changed by Nintendo on this one. Clearly there’s a fault on the production line, but with less than a month to go before the item is released, one would have hoped that the batches would have been checked well before now.

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