Broforce has recently launched on Nintendo Switch after it received a high amount of praise on Xbox One, PS4 and also PC.
For those that haven’t played it before, it’s an over the top and totally bonkers action platformer. The characters “Bro’s” are taken from the best 80s and 90s action films and include the likes of Rambo, Agent Smith, Neo and The Terminator to name but a few. At the start of the game, it’s only Rambo that is unlocked. To play as the other characters, you have to rescue the prisoners from their cages. After a certain amount of rescues, you’ll unlock the next Bro to play as.  They all have their own, different, weapon as well as having a different special ability. One of the best unlockables is Agent J from Men in Black, although it can be easy to catapult yourself off of the level when using his gun.

The aim of the game is to get to the end of the level (duh) by either annihilating the boss or killing the Devil at the final checkpoint in the level. How you choose to get to the end of the level is your choice. It’s actually possible to go through the entire level without killing many people. The reason for this is that the environments are completely destructible, often with plenty of explosions! This in itself is pretty impressive, and there was no slowdown noticed in either docked or handheld mode.


There can be some frustrating moments though, especially when you’re too close to an explosive barrels and you end up blowing yourself to bits. In all honesty though, these periods of frustration are few and far between. Broforce is exactly what a video game should be; loud, obnoxious and completely over the top fun. It is also possible to play with three other people, be it in local mode or in online multiplayer which certainly adds to the longevity of the game. Even after it’s completed, it’s a great game to start all over again and play for some mindless humour. It’s as simplistic as Tetris, and it’s just as addictive.


Broforce is available now on Nintendo eShop. If you would prefer it on PC instead, it is available on Steam and can be purchased via Humble Bundle which helps to support charity.

  • Gameplay
  • Graphics
  • Longevity


Broforce is quite a unique game. In 2018 where every other developer is wanting to push ultra realistic visuals and wanting to turn their game into an epic tale, Free Lives have opted to go for an all out warfare game. It looks bloody amazing, and it’s some of the best fun that you can get on Nintendo Switch. We highly recommend it.