Street Fighter has long had the reputation of being the best fighting game franchise ever created. To celebrate 30 years since the release of the first Street Fighter, Capcom have released a collection with 12 of the best SF games in it. Depending on your age, your love of the franchise may vary wildly. One thing is for sure though, this collection is going to re-kindle your love for the series. The list of games are; Street Fighter, Street Fighter II as well as its derivatives (Champion Edition, Hyper Fighting, Super, Super Turbo), Street Fighter Alpha 1-3 and also Street Fighter III (as well as its derivatives 2nd Impact and 3rd Strike).

From this list it’s clear that you’re getting excellent value for money. To further lure in the punters, Capcom are not using the console versions of these games in the compilation. Instead it is the infinitely superior arcade versions which are being used. This means that you’re getting buttery smooth gameplay and getting to play it the way that you remember it from the arcade when you were feeding the machine for hours with your parents change.


Whilst many people may not be enamoured by the initial release, it still has its place in this collection. It’s certainly not as fluid or refined as the subsequent releases (the controls are more than a bit iffy), but it really is interesting to play this and for many, it’s the only legitimate way that they’ll play it these days. Unless you’re a collector of course. Rest assured though that this is the only release in the 12 included games that isn’t stellar.

In an attempt to help new players get the most out of the game, there is a training mode present. Obviously this wasn’t a staple of the arcade release. What is curious though is why the training mode is only available for SFII Hyper Fighting, SSFII Turbo, Alpha 3 and 3rd Strike. It makes sense not to have a training mode for SF since it will most likely go unplayed by the masses. However, given the nuances between the releases, it would be good if each game had a training mode. Having said that, it certainly isn’t a deal breaker.

Of course, since it’s a Street Fighter game you would be expecting there to be multiplayer action. The Versus mode is available across all 12 games which is great for local multiplayer action. On the Switch especially, it is extremely easy to pick up and play anywhere. There is also the option to take the game online for an extra challenge. However, the online mode is restricted to the same 4 games listed above that have the training mode added on.


Away from the game itself, there are a few extra options. There is a Museum which has character and stage concept art as well as titbits about the game. This is a nice little addition for those that are interested in the history behind the series. There is also an option in place for you to listen to soundtracks from the series.


Gameplay wise it’s as good as you remember and nothing has really changed at all. It looks phenomenal on the Switch, and the fact that you can take it anywhere with you is definitely a bonus over the same game on other systems. The big question is though, should you buy it. The simple answer is yes. The value for money here on these arcade perfect emulations is second to none and it’s something that every Switch fan should have in their collection. It is still as satisfying as ever when it comes to pulling off a Hadoken. Whilst it is perfectly usable, some gamers might prefer to use the Pro Controller with it since it has a full D-pad on it.

Street Fighter - 30th Anniversary Collection for Nintendo Switch
  • Celebrate 30 years of the most iconic fighting game series
  • Relive the titles that made gaming history
  • New gameplay options including online play
Nintendo Switch Pro Controller
  • Take your game sessions up a notch with the Nintendo Switch Pro Controller.
  • Includes motion controls, HD rumble, built-in amiibo functionality, and more.
  • Comes with charging cable (USB-C to USB-A)
  • Value for Money
  • Gameplay
  • Graphics


Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Collection is a tremendous addition to the franchise. The amount of value that you’re getting for this is second to none and this will keep you glued to your Switch for a long time to come. Highly recommended.

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