It’s been a long time coming, but Mega Man is finally back. After the somewhat disappointing Mighty No 9 which was meant to be a spiritual successor to MM, it’s great to see that the Mega Man is back on the right track again.

Yes, we’ve had the collections of both the original series and the X variants on Nintendo Switch, but this is an entirely new outing for him.

Unlike other games in the non X games, this one actually has a bit more of a plot to it. As before, Dr Wily has went into a strop and has repurposed 8 robots into Robot Masters for his nefarious plans and it’s up to Mega Man to stop him.

In terms of the challenge you can expect in this game, even on the Casual difficulty (the second difficulty level of four), it can be extremely challenging. Coming from the Mega Man Collection, this difficulty be over emphasised. The reason behind this is that the later has a rewind feature that the former lacks. However, there is a new feature in 11 that is quite nice actually; Double Gear.

A new system approaches!

Double Gear really is a great way to breathe life into a franchise that is 30 years old .Effectively, it is two different techniques that can seriously aide you in the game. The first significantly increases the power of your Mega Blaster, which is great during a mini boss fight. The second slows down time (although you can purchase a powerup that lets you move at normal speed when slowing time down) which is pretty much essential for some of the scenes in the game. A third technique can be used when you have little to no health left. This is effectively a last ditch attempt at getting through a section. This can be particularly useful if you’re on your last life and fighting the boss. You may as well use this to try and complete the level. The purists may not agree that this is in keeping in line with Mega Man tradition, but it’s a nice way to relieve the pressure on what is otherwise a pretty hard game. Also, Double Gear only works for a limited period of time before the energy is depleted.

Graphically the game is going to divide opinion. Its 2.5D, and it does look amazing, but for those that remember the games from the original version may feel that it doesn’t quite keep in line with what they feel the game should look like. It does play brilliantly on Switch in both docked and handheld mode. The visuals are extremely impressive, as is the character design. One particular stand out enemy is an inflatable frog which looks bloody brilliant.

Great, but not quite perfect

The soundtrack is good, but not excellent. It’s hardly a deal breaker and it isn’t music that would drive you up the wall. The sound effects are pretty good as well, but they could be better.

As with earlier entries in the series, the shop returns. This allows you to purchase upgraded equipment, as well as lives and energy and weapon tanks. In order to pay for these, you’ll need to collect enough bolts which are routinely dropped by enemies.

Collecting as many lives and energy tanks as possible is highly recommended since there will be times where you need to use these. These do help to lower the difficulty level slightly. However, instadeath is only a spike pit away should you land on one. There is a powerup available that will rescue you if you fall down a normal pit, which is a nice touch. It is extremely annoying falling down one of these pits, as are the wall of flames and rotating spikes that come at you extremely quickly. These are some of the most infuriating and difficult parts of the game, and sometimes it felt like they were added in for the sake of it. Be prepared to hear Mega Man’s death cry, a lot.

Aside from the main game, there is also a challenge mode as well. This is a great way to extend the amount of time that you’re playing the game. It never feels as though this mode was a tacked on way of cheaply extending the game time.

There has been some criticism for those playing with the JoyCon on Switch that the ability to switch between weapons is hindered by the small size of the JoyCon meaning that the right analogue stick is accidentally flicked. In the time that I’ve spent playing this, I’ve not came across that issue. However, should it be the case that you do have this problem; you can turn this feature off in the options menu.

Mega Man is available now on Nintendo eShop, as well as a physical copy and also on Xbox One and PS4. Mega Man 11 is also available on PC. If you’d like to help support charity, please consider using this Humble Bundle link.

Mega Man 11 Nintendo Switch Game (#)
  • The iconic Blue bomber returns in a new side-scrolling adventure
  • Players must defeat eight unique robot master bosses and steal their abilities to save the day
  • A 2.5D design direction which blends beautiful, hand-drawn environments with lively characters
  • Gameplay
  • Graphics
  • Value for Money


Mega Man 11 is a brilliant, if sometimes infuriatingly difficult game. In a world of games with regenerating health and duck and cover elements, it’s great to see that Capcom have tweaked the Mega Man formula slightly to breathe new life into it.

Highly recommended.

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