It’s been a long time since a South Park game has graced a Nintendo console. The last game to do so with the surprisingly fun Chefs Luv Shack on the Nintendo 64 which followed off the back of the rather abysmal South Park Rally.

Whilst The Fractured But Whole is a bit late to the race on Nintendo Switch compared to its release on Other Formats, this certainly hasn’t done the game any damage.

One of the refreshing things about the Fractured But Whole is that nothing has been taken away from this release in terms of censorship. This certainly wouldn’t have happened during the Wii era, but Nintendo have changed quite a bit since then. The language and humour used is lifted straight from the TV show and it isn’t for the faint hearted. If you’re easily offended then this game isn’t or you.

The premise of the game is simple; you’re playing as a wannabe super hero to fight crime across the rather expansive iteration of South Park with plenty of the satirical carry on that you should be used to if you’ve played the Stick of Truth and watched the TV show. It does go into the realms of wackiness, especially when the initial aim was to find a cat that went missing to get a paltry reward.

The game itself plays extremely well. Much like its predecessor, it is a turn based RPG with you being in a class of your choosing, along with having your own super powers. It has changed slightly from the last version, with you being able to move around on an onscreen grid which will have an impact on the not only the strength of your attacks, but also their range.

Added to this is the ‘Ultimate Attack’. This could be thought of as a finishing move if you wanted to use it that way since its power will build up over a fight. It’s actually a pretty good way to add a bit of light RPG elements into a game since this can be used along with your strategic position on the battlegrid.

Of course, since it is an RPG, you’re not short of items to collect which you can get during your main quest as well as the many side quests that are also going on. As you would expect, you are also able to power up your character over time which does add to the overall immersion of the game.



Sadly, the Stick of Truth isn’t included in the box, or as an eShop download. It would have been nice to play both back to back on the go. In terms of the overall performance, it works extremely well on Nintendo Switch. Sometimes the loading times are a bit long, although it is never unbearable. It looks amazing not only in handheld mode, but also on the TV. The visuals are bright and vibrant, much like the TV show. Likewise, there are intermittent periods of slowdown. However, we can count on the one hand how many times this happened in the 20 or so hours it took to complete the game. Of course, there is also going to be the upcoming DLC which will be landing soon.

South Park and The Fractured But Whole (Nintendo Switch)
  • Experience the highly anticipated South Park sequel anywhere on Nintendo Switch!
  • Authentic, interactive South Park at its finest - hilarious, outrageous, and a whole lot of fun.
  • Create your origin story and choose your unique superpowers to become South Park's hero.
  • Gameplay
  • Humour
  • Value for Money


The Fractured But Whole is an amazing edition to the Nintendo Switch library. It’s full of coarse language and humour, and the combat system is extremely fun. If you haven’t played it on Other Formats then it’s well worth the purchase price.

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