When it comes to using a PC, there are numerous input devices that you can use. For many, this ends at simply having a keyboard and mouse setup. For those that don’t play games on their PC, this is all they really need to know about. However, even if they don’t play games, they shouldn’t be restricted to an extremely basic keyboard and mouse arrangement. We’ve dedicated a section to keyboard and mice to help you make the best possible decision. You’re going to have it for at least five years, so it’s important that you pick up a device that is up to the task and fits your daily needs.

Of course, if it’s the case that you’re an avid gamer then you will no doubt want a controller to complement your setup (should you have the need for one). There are a wide array of these on the market, with them varying in price depending on the features that you’re wanting and needing.


If you’re heavily into racing and simulation driving games then you may even want to go down the route of investing in a racing wheel. There are a large number of steering wheels available on the market, and not all of them are created equal. To help narrow down the good ones from the bad, we’ve compiled a list of the best steering wheels that are currently available on the market. They’re not the cheapest so you really need to know what the best ones are before you drop your hard earned cash on one.