The motherboard (more colloquially known as the mobo) is the main circuit board for your PC. Everything that you have inside your PC case feeds directly into your motherboard so that it can ‘talk’ to the other components. There are a wide variety available on the market, with the two main categories being Intel or AMD based boards. The reason for this difference is that each CPU type has different sockets.

The socket is the interface between the CPU and the motherboard and due to the different ways that Intel and AMD make their CPUs, these competing brands have seperate boards. This is also based on their internal architecture and the way that carrying out their compute functions.

It can be tough to pick out a motherboard since there are not only different brands available, but also different sizes. These come in a variety of form factors. These are ITX, mATX and also ATX, with them being smallest to largest respectively. Of course, one thing that a lot of people will be wanting is the best that they can get. This is understandable and this is something we’ll be developing in full.