ATX Motherboards are the largest variety that you can buy. Due to their increased size, it has numerous advantages to it. The first is that by default you can install more RAM on your system than you can on a Mini ITX board. Likewise, due to the larger size, there will be no problem in installing a larger heatsink and fan. This will really help in keeping your system cool.

Similarly, there is greater room for expansion further down the line. This is thanks to you being able to support more GPUs thanks to an increase in the number of PCI-e slots. Tied to this is the fact that you will also be able to install more storage devices on the system. There will be more SATA3 ports on an ATX motherboard, along with M.2 slots. The benefit of this is that you’ve got an increase in internal storage.

As with other form factors, ATX boards come in both AMD and Intel varieties. These aren’t interchangeable, so you need to make sure you do¬† want to run on the AMD or Intel platform for the lifespan of the CPU. If you’re looking for the best ATX motherboards, then look no further.