Unless you’re wanting to go down the route of having an open air test rig setup, you’re going to need to invest an a case when it comes to building your PC.

There are a variety of different cases that you can get, in all shapes and sizes. These are more commonly known as Mini ITX, Micro ATX and ATX, being smallest to largest respectively. The size that you opt for will depend on what your needs for the build are. If you’re low on space then a smaller form factor might be required and it would be recommended that you have a look at our picks of the best mini itx cases. If space isn’t an option, then you can go full out and invest in an ATX case instead. For those that want a really small case, we’ve covered the smallest Mini ITX cases.

There’s also the option to go for a chassis that is specifically designed for water cooling should that be your cooling choice. Likewise, you can also choose one with a window so that you’re able to set the internal components of your PC. One of the biggest things to consider though when building any PC case though is how easy it is to build in, especially if it’s your first time doing it. For some, optical drive support is also a big thing and with there not being many cases that offer this option any more, trying to find the right one can be really tricky.