Should Hitman Season 2 Really Be Episodic?


You can’t argue with the fact that Hitman hasn’t been a huge success. It helped to wash out the less than impressive taste that was left behind from Hitman Absolution and it made stealth games fun again. After its success, IO have come out and said that there will be a season 2. The question is though, is this the right move to make?

Personally, I’d say yes. Whilst I’m not normally a fan of episodic games, it works well with Hitman. I think given the nature of the story, it feels like a natural way to play the game. If IO continue this formula along with the variety of challenges such as the elusive target mode then it’ll keep the game interesting. Of course, the fact that you need to play the missions in different ways to unlock different gadgets/weapons is also a really great touch. It wouldn’t need to even be once a month that the episodes are released, it could be possible for a new mission to be released fortnightly. Of course, this would make the season end quicker and thereby paving the way for the next one which would be a real money spinner for IO Interactive.

Whilst I hope that other developers don’t try and use this as a way of pushing out games sooner, it certainly does work for Hitman. Ideally though there will be more missions in the next season as opposed to the small number in season one. Although there is the Christmas pack coming out very soon…


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