South Park The Fractured But Whole is coming to Nintendo Switch

This is pretty big news! Nintendo in the past have always had that squeaky clean family image and they didn’t really deviate from that. In fact, the last time that a South Park game appeared on a Nintendo console it was 1999. The game was Chefs Luv Shack and it was the best of all three South Park games at the time. However, in the last 19 years, the world has changed drastically.

For starters, Nintendo were still using cartridge based games consoles back then. Ok, so they’re doing this again. However, the didn’t have a hybrid console in 1999. If you had told me all those years ago I could play a game on my TV and then take it in the car on a family road trip two things would have happened. I’d have either called you a liar, or my head would have exploded with the excitement.

The great news is that The Fractured But Whole is pretty damn fantastic. It improved on the already stellar Stick of Truth. Much more than that though, it’s another step in the right direction for the Nintendo Switch. Not only have we seen Doom released on it, as well as Skyrim, but the addition of South Park means that Nintendo are really stepping up and making sure that the Switch appeals to everyone.

The game is being released on the 24th April. If you’d rather have it on PC, you can get it here

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