ToeJam& Earl Back in the Groove IS getting a physical release

The upcoming ToeJam&Earl Back in the Grove game is the fourth iteration in the long standing series. Along with it being available for digital download on the platform of your choice extremely soon, new has emerged that it is also getting released in a physical format.

As with other games that are getting a small, physical release, it is Limited Run Games that are doing this honours with this one. The game is set to be released in its physical form on the same day as the digital download release; 1st March. For those that still like to have a physical copy, this is the ideal solution for them. Ideally the games would come in a box in the shape of a Sega Mega Drive (Genesis if you’re in Northa America) cartridge, but it’s highly unlikely that Sega would ever approve this.

Regardless of how you’re going to buy the game, be sure to pick it up on the 1st March, and get back in the groove!

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