Does the upcoming Nintendo Switch Direct herald the end of 3DS?

With the upcoming Nintendo Direct set to focus on Nintendo Switch, what does this mean for the beloved 3DS? The handheld which admittedly had a shaky start back in March 2011 has been a huge success for Nintendo. However, now that the Switch is being properly unveiled, it is the end of 3DS?

Could Nintendo 3DS be finished?

The reason for this is that the Switch itself is a hybrid console. What I mean by this is that as well as being playable at home, it’s also playable on the go as well. Back when the original DS was launched, it was supposed to be a third pillar for Nintendo. The other two were the GameCube as well as the GameBoy Advance. However, the huge success of the DS resulted in the GameBoy Advance (and thus the brand) phased out.

One thing that hasn’t been confirmed about Switch though is if it has a touchscreen on it. The use of the touch screen on the DS and 3DS still is an excellent feature and hasn’t merely been a fad. If it is the case that Switch isn’t touch compatible, this could be a good sign that the 3DS family line will continue. One thing that might change of course is the 3D aspect of the 3DS itself. The hardware on it is now of course ageing, and it only seems natural that an upgrade will be coming in the next two years or so. It may be the case that the 3D aspect is dropped entirely since 3D has sadly been a fad. The result of this would be a new DS, but without the 3D aspect, thereby keeping the cost low.


Price is a huge factor

Therein lies the rub, really. The Switch will most likely be in the region of £250 which for a handheld would be a huge price. If Nintendo could introduce a new DS at a fraction of the cost, it’ll bring in gamers that want a solely portable device at a low cost. Given that the Switch doesn’t appear to be that portable with the size of its screen, many would be cautious to use it in crowded environments such as a train. Again this comes down to costs due and the potential of someone effectively knocking your large, pricey console out of your hands.

3DS could act as a safe guard

Will Switch have poor sales similar to the Wii U? Most likely not. However, it would be prudent to keep the 3DS system running for as long as possible to ensure that there is a safety net (financially) if Switch was a flop. Even if Switch was a flop and 3DS was gone, Nintendo still has enough in the bank to make sure that they’re able to operate for a long time to come.

Regardless of what may or may not be said at the upcoming Nintendo Direct, it’s going to be an exciting year for Nintendo fans!


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