WWE 2K18 on Switch is a shambles, and shouldn’t be tolerated

Late last year, WWE 2K18 was released on Nintendo Switch. Whilst the game had its issues on other platforms, it’s fair to say that the Nintendo Switch version is the one that’s fared the worst. 2K had assured users that it had taken the complaints on board and were working on a way to fix the problems.

How big were these problems though? Well for starters you couldn’t even watch an entrance properly without it stuttering like Crysis did back in 2007. Here’s the kicker though, Crysis was a graphical powerhouse that needed a lot of grunt under the hood in order to be playable. This isn’t the  case with WWE 2K18. Instead, it appears that the game is a pretty lazy port on the part of Blind Squirrel and 2K Games. If you can’t even see your Superstar walk to the ring properly, then what kind of wrestling game are you going to have?

The good news is that you can actually wrestle in the game. The bad news is that the only match type that you can play is one on one. Tag team matches? Forget about it. Hell in a Cell? More like no chance in Hell. Royal Rumble? You’ll want to throw yourself over the top rope. Backstage brawls? The only thing that is happening backstage is your eyeballs being assaulted! I’d even go as far as to say that on Switch, 2K18 is worse than WCW Nitro and WCW Backstage Assault and they were pretty terrible.

Now 2K Games might say that the Switch can’t handle the power needed for 2K18. That however doesn’t really wash with me, or others. Doom is perfectly playable on Switch. Granted, it had to be tweaked a bit from the version that was released in 2016, but it still runs exceptionally well. It’s not even as though you’re getting the fully functioning graphical powerhouse of 2K18 that you’re seeing on the Xbox One, PS4 or PC. It’s already been dialled down graphically.

There have now been two patches released for the game on Switch (the second one being rather large). It has done nothing to help improve the state of the game, and according to popular YouTuber RGT85, it’s actually made the game worse. The game is in severe risk of falling into the territory of Superman 64. At least Superman was playable, albeit bloody awful.

Whether it was WWE that pushed for the release of 2K18 on the Switch before it was ready, or if it’s the case that 2K Games wanted to cash in on this before Christmas, the outcome is still the same. A game that’s terrible and a complete waste of money. It might be the case that you’ve bought the physical copy, and therefore you can take it back to the store you bought it from. Your consumer rights will vary a bit depending what country you’re from. Generally, if you’ve bought it from Amazon, you should be fine to get a refund (or at least a gift certificate). If you’ve bought it from the eShop, technically your contract is with Nintendo since it’s their platform. You should contact them first. If you used PayPal on the eShop, you’ll also have a bit of protection there too, especially if you used your credit card.

Regardless though, it’s clear that this game is not fit for purpose and should not be on sale. THQ pulled No Mercy after a game erasing glitch was discovered. The lack of a proper response from 2K Games on this one is nothing short of disgusting. They should have known that the game was unplayable and to release it at full price and not even help the issue is a step too far. Ubisoft have done similar things in the past with Assassins Creed, and gamers were up in arms about it, and rightly so. We work hard to be able to pay for our games, and when we’re getting a reach around from publishers, it really isn’t acceptable. You wouldn’t go and pay to see a movie, only for it to stutter along so we certainly don’t deserve it with a video game.

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You should also check out RGT85s Twitter.

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